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Important News, and More

Some News

Apparently Ken still isn't over Barbie.
Almost two years after the closely watched celebrity couple split after a 43-year romance, Ken is considering a makeover in an effort to win his doll baby back.
Mattel made the announcement Thursday. Russell Arons, vice president of marketing at Mattel, would say only that fans might see big changes this spring.
"A makeover may be just what Ken needs to step back into the spotlight," she said.

Some Commentary

AOL user Veganwanab says:
Go ahead and be gay if you are born that way, but don't try to date or marry women.

Some Bot

ZolaOnAOL: I am immortal and cannot be terminated.

i am so tired today and i dont know why.

[[EDIT]]my mood got a fox for once.[[/EDIT]]

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