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well im really falling behind in the little thing, but amazingly im well caught up (almost ahead, even) in all the big things.

and then there was a small assignment that i HAD DONE but forgot to turn trying to get over that..

but all in all im ok.

what? you really want a summary of my grades? oook.....

CGT 101
weve hardly done anything, but my grades should be HIGH; no new work on the horizon.
CGT 111
i put in lots of effort, but grades should be MODERATE leaning toward LOW; new project assigned tuesday; test next week (?). Unfinished reading.
CGT 112
my hardest class, i put in lots of effort, but grades were LOW, and more recently, HIGH, so i can only assume my average is MODERATE leaning towards LOW and hopefully rising; new project assigned wednesday; i am behind in keeping my notebook up to date. Unfinished reading.
PSY 120
a fun class, my grades should be HIGH but not too high; test next week. Unfinished reading and i am falling far behind in participating in experiments.
MA 221
a fun class, my grades should be VERY HIGH, but down just a little after the last test. Quiz tomorrow.

hows that?
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