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its time to update

ive really been slacking on my work.
but thats still ok. for now.

i talked to erin today and
my phone called beka
i want to own hot topic
even though i havent stepped food in one in about ten years
lastnight i went to aliyahs
we all did
an impressive bunch
and ive got some pics i may post later
it would be the first time ive cleared my camera since college
and it was sad becaue
right before our halloween party my camera filled
dont get me wrong i got a few pictures
but not nearly as many as i wouldve
and no video
but it was fun
great fun
and inuyasha people sould like the pics
if i post them
and we watched the crow
and it was wonderful and i must own it
but scott and diana left early
and i did too but not as early
i went to hangout with scott
and didnt stay to see the enperors new groove or crow 3
instead we saw doom
which was good
and they actually did some original and unexpected things
in my opinion
so it gets points
and then me and scott talked and then i came back here
to the place i dont seem to get anything done
i beat wes at chess
but not that wes
i think im going to call my parents tomorrow and tell them i wont be coming home until thanksgiving
i should do laundry
sarah is idle
but thats ok because she'll come back
and if she doesnt i'll find her anyway
erin rode around town on a deer
and at the party we watched nightmare before christmas
it was wonderful
better than i remember even
after having seen it the number of times i have
diana is fun
vivs boyfriend mentioned ninja burger and
viv mentioned flcl
n64 has better graphics than i wouldve thought
but thats irrelevant
my share ration at boxtorrents is almost two
and ive been watching tenchi in tokyo
its my favorite tenchi
although it didnt feel as familiar to rewatch as gundam wing did
sakuya has hikarus voice
- yes ive been watching dubbed -
and that makes me happy
and sasami
id really like to get ahold of the other tenchi series
they were some of my first anime

thanksgiving isnt too far away
and christmasll closely follow that

itd be nice to have a memorable christmas

these days are full of imagery

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