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Ne Plus Ultra Empyrean

You Are So Beautiful All The Time

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21 May 1987
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us with terpsichorean powers

[[EDIT 09.08.2005]] I am finally going to revamp my bio page. [[/EDIT]]
[[EDIT 02.04.2008]] Interests changed. [[/EDIT]]

"Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful." Hebrews 10:23

hi everyone. .enoyreve ih
names nick, ,kcin seman
and im in college at indiana university southeast tsaehtuos ytisrevinu anaidni ta egelloc ni mi dna
(yeah, i know, indianas evil) (live sanaidni ,wonk i ,haey)
anyway, this is my livejournal. .lanruojevil ym si siht ,yawyna
mine. .enim
and i plan to continue doing with it as i please. .esaelp i sa ti htiw gniod eunitnoc ot nalp i dna
hmm.. *looks around* yeah.. i think i covered everything. .gnihtyreve derevoc i kniht i ..haey *dnuora skool*..mmh
oh. and ive got the coolest sister ever. fyi. .iyf .reve retsis tselooc eht tog evi dna .ho


ive seen you once in the rain. .niar eht ni ecno uoy nees evi
.saw reven i yaw a ni lufituaeb era uoy you are beautiful in a way i never was.


gnihtemos ees dlrow eht ekam ot noissim a no mi im on a mission to make the world see something
erus neve ton mi im not even sure
ees i taht that i see


10201 judith court, 12.13, 58 loaves of bread, annasophia robb and dogs, astria porta, baby baby bush bush, being allured by carol, bright.blue.eyes.and.skin.like.a.dream, carol's eyes, cheltenham cir, cin cout, distinguishing autumn smells, dreams of children, driving for driving's sake, driving.to.centre.for.carol, ep'ts'sp, etch-a-sketch feeling, everything for a girl, foothold situation, girls with broad shoulders, having simple dreams, hearing from sarrah, innsecure accepting, katlyn's icecream, kekekeing, kfc's honey packets, kristen's venti vanilla lattes, lindsay the amazing, listening to sarah sing, megan at byron bay, moshing crazy, moving with purpose&determination, nessie the dog, never letting you go, new years with carol, not doing drugs/drinking, nyah mjau, picking up dogs, poking.you.when.you.yawn, postcards from california, random acquisitions, raspberries and hawaiian punch, resurrecting daniel, sbux on taylorsville, sharing in your life, sleepy sex-sleepy kisses, slow neighborhood nighttime drving, smelling damp hair, syncing music, the bench off ten-broeck, the decemberunderground, the olfactory sense, the promise of bliss, traversing.distance for my love, tree in tom sawyer, wild water bottles

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